Taking On Lucinda

In Book #1 of the Kent Stephenson Thriller series, Dr. Stephenson uncovers a plot against the animals he has sworn to protect.

Hollywood starlet Aubrey Fairbanks and her entourage of activists descend on the picturesque upstate New York village of Jefferson to protest animal testing at the cosmetic company that is Jefferson’s lifeblood.

Kent Stephenson is the town’s veterinarian and a lifelong resident. He is licking his wounds after a vicious divorce that took away his daughter and hiding from the world in his profession surrounded by animals that love unconditionally.

But his brother, the police chief, has other plans for Kent and recruits him to defend their town.

What seems to be a simple matter of negotiation soon escalates to arson, then murder. More strangers arrive in town and Kent’s animal patients begin disappearing.

Kent and Aubrey’s relationship turns from blood enemies to respect and commitment as they risk their lives to protect Jefferson, find the murderers, and crush a cult that thrives on all that animal lovers despise.


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 Simpatico’s Gift

 In Book #2 of the Kent Stephenson Thriller series, it’s the middle of the breeding season in Upstate New York, and the top stallions in Kent Stephenson’s veterinary practice are being systematically eliminated by sudden death, rare disease, and mysterious disappearance.

Kent, his Redbone hound, Lucinda, and his teenage daughter, Emily, put their lives on the line to find out why. Their investigation leads them from horseracing’s seedy underbelly of fixes and doping, to the staid aristocracy of Kentucky’s famed bluegrass horse farms, struggling to keep their legacy of great stallions.

Then they descend into the world of a super-rich, South American drug lord, who collects horses the way he collects beautiful women. It’s a race to the wire as they jockey to keep themselves alive, save the stallions, and stop whoever is behind it all.

What they discover rocks the horse industry.

And it will rock the very soul of any lover of these great beasts.


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Veterinarian Kent Stephenson and a local Native American leader put aside their differences as they conspire to defend their town from a greedy corporation that is desecrating their river.

Doctor Stephenson’s day-to-day routine of caring for animals is shattered by the apparently random murder of his lifelong friend. He and his hound, Lucinda, are drawn into the investigation. Kent soon suspects that small-town politics surrounding a new riverside resort have led to murder, and that it won’t end with just one victim. When a nameless toddler is found wandering alone by the river, all bets are off. Before long, Kent is mired in a conflict between Native American beliefs and modern-day avarice. As he unravels the mystery, Kent struggles with the emotional upheaval of a new love interest, and a crushing sense of helplessness, as he fights the medical battle of his career to save the life of his daughter’s prize stallion.

Along the way, Kent is forced to face a gut-wrenching reality—traditional Native medicine is saving animals that are dying in his hands.

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