It’s the middle of the breeding season in Upstate New York, and the top stallions in Kent Stephenson’s veterinary practice are being systematically eliminated by sudden death, rare disease, and mysterious disappearance.

Kent, his Redbone hound, Lucinda, and his teenage daughter, Emily, put their lives on the line to find out why. Their investigation leads them from horseracing’s seedy underbelly of fixes and doping, to the staid aristocracy of Kentucky’s famed bluegrass horse farms, struggling to keep their legacy of great stallions.

Then they descend into the world of a super-rich, South American drug lord, who collects horses the way he collects beautiful women. It’s a race to the wire as they jockey to keep themselves alive, save the stallions, and stop whoever is behind it all.

What they discover rocks the horse industry.

And it will rock the very soul of any lover of these great beasts.

ISBN# 978-0-9989326-2-0 (print)
ISBN #978-0-9989326-3-7 (e-book)


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Simpatico’s Gift is a fantastic equestrian mystery story. I found Simpatico’s Gift to be all it said it was and much more. Frank Martorana is a gifted author and I am anxious to read more of his Ken Stephenson Thrillers. The characters quickly became my friends and I am looking forward to reconnecting with them soon. I believe this is a book that will please both young and old, mystery and horse enthusiast. I know you will not be disappointed reading Simpatico’s Gift because it is definitely a winner!



“Simpatico’s Gift” is a fast-paced equine thriller. The plot is driven and emotional . . . a page-turner, thanks to the likable characters and the hankering to see justice served. This book is very well written and researched. The author clearly knows his subject, and his descriptions are beautiful and evocative. “Simpatico’s Gift” feels like a fresh take on traditional murder mysteries. The setting of horse farms and the veterinarian as an investigator lends this book an original perspective.


A superbly crafted novel of suspense with more plot twists and turns than a carnival roller coaster, “Simpatico’s Gift” showcases author Frank Martorana’s genuine flair for originality and a particularly effective narrative storytelling style. A thoroughly absorbing, page-turner of a read from beginning to end, “Simpatico’s Gift” is unreservedly recommended and certain to be an enduringly popular addition to community library Contemporary General Fiction collections.



A note of caution to readers: I tried to word the following questions so there would not be any “spoilers”, but I cannot guarantee I was successful. I strongly recommend that you read the book before reading the following questions.

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