Scientists have spent decades searching for a breakthrough that would give U.S. soldiers battlefield superiority. Finally, a Texas University laboratory has it in its grasp — but at what expense?

Not in dollars — a much higher price.

It’s been nine years since Kent helped one of his veterinary school classmates expose inhumane animal testing at a prominent university. Now, after all that time, his good intentions are coming back to haunt him.  Bombs are destroying his hometown, then blackmail, and a veterinary co-worker is murdered. When the killer threatens to destroy the thing that Kent holds most sacred in the horse world, Kent devises a plan to defend it. It looks like it may work — until Kent and his redbone hound, Lucinda, end up in a fight for their lives.

Kent refuses to sell his soul to the devil — not at the expense of the animals he has sworn to protect.

ISBN# 978-0-9989326-4-4 (print)
ISBN #978-0-9989326-5-1 (e-book)


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