Reviewed by Trudi LoPreto for Readers’ Favorite

Simpatico’s Gift takes place in upstate New York where it is the thoroughbred breeding season. Simpatico is the best stallion for the job but he is suddenly taken ill and dies. Dr. Kent Stephenson is the vet who is called in to figure out what has happened. Soon more mysterious things are happening to the best horses and Kent and his daughter Emily are determined to find out what is going on. They are helped along the way by Marie, a friend of Emily’s who has come to spend the summer with the Stephenson family, Aubrey, the love interest and farm manager at Simpatico’s VinChaRo horse farm, and owners of the farms which suffer losses. There are twists and turns and several suspects before the case is solved. Danger is around every corner as more clues are found and the surprise ending is revealed. 

Simpatico’s Gift is a fantastic equestrian mystery story. I found Simpatico’s Gift to be all it said it was and much more. Frank Martorana is a gifted author and I am anxious to read more of his Ken Stephenson Thrillers. The characters quickly became my friends and I am looking forward to reconnecting with them soon. I would love to see Kent and his daughter become a TV show with a different adventure each week. I believe this is a book that will please both young and old, mystery and horse enthusiast. I know you will not be disappointed reading Simpatico’s Gift because it is definitely a winner!

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