The cruelty of dog fighting, veganism vs. a meat inclusive diet, the credibility of veterinarians who enjoy hunting, and even the very notion of pet ownership, are all hot button topics Frank Martorana weaves into his new novel, Taking on Lucinda. And it all happens while the reader enjoys a wild ride, as protagonist veterinarian, Kent Stephenson, battles to protect the people and animals in his town from a vicious cult.

Frank’s primary goal was to write a page-turner, with all the requisite arson, murder, and mayhem, but also to shed a good light on the profession. By the time Frank looked up, he had a three-book series, The Kent Stephenson Thrillers. (Books number two and three are complete and currently in production.)

The first question Frank often gets, especially from veterinarians, is; where on earth did he find time to write one, let alone three, novels while owning and working full-time in a busy practice? His answer was simple; it’s not that hard. You need to do two things. First, surround yourself with a great staff in your hospital, and second, use that secret mental-health few minutes that we’ve all carved out for ourselves, to write one page each day. In ten months you’ll have your book.

His first novel, Taking on Lucinda, is available in paperback or as an e-book on Amazon, Bookbaby, and other retailers.

ISBN: 978-0-9989326-0-6 (paperback)
ISBN: 987-0-9989326-1-3 (e-book)